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  • Smylz4U ( 58W / Wyandotte, MI )


    Finding a common thread, go to an exhibit, art show... if weather is nice, perhaps go for a walk. Stop for a coffee, or any beverage. Take time to converse to get to know one another.

  • nikiwe1985 ( 35W / Zambia )


    Simple,lovely and understandimg

  • aroliak ( 44W / Puerto Rico )


    Talk and chat first! And then go to the movies!

  • Happysmile23 ( 23W / Jamaica )


    My first date would be more about getting to know each other. Somewhere we could walk and talk example like the museum. Then maybe have dinner after. I would want to just enjoy that time with that special person.

  • SkyClouds ( 48W / Grand Forks, ND )


    I love going to museums and other interesting places. I like going out to eat. The restaurant should have a light and lively atmosphere.

  • naturalgal4 ( 26W / Bowie, MD )


    Walking around looking at beautiful sights getting to know each others personality is a great way to see if we are compatible...

  • DanielleRaymond ( 20W / Houston, TX )


    Movies...Dinner...Museums... Carnivals

  • firce98 ( 29W / Kenya )


    Any out door activity and a great candle lit dinner

  • JasminaBina ( 28W / Philadelphia, PA )


    Let's be weird & come prepared with 3x5 cards full of random secrets, embarrassing moment, hopes & dreams and of course questions for each other

  • Eugene5252196 ( 31M / bloemfontein, Free State )


    Not movies for sure maybe by the park or zoo i want to be complete peace and quite

  • Desireadoll ( 21W / Alexandria, VA )


    I don't really like eating on first dates, so my idea of a first date would be a museum or an art gallery, basically somewhere more intimate where we can get to know each other and talk without a bunch of interruptions.

  • napha777 ( 23W / Indianapolis, IN )


    Well first date for me would have to be something like going to the museum, or museum hopping. Even maybe hiking. And a nice lunch or dinner after depends on the time. But I'm always open to other ideas :)

  • lemmon232 ( 32M / London, England - London )


    ...good walk or perhaps go to the shard and enjoy the scenic views of London

  • Tova125 ( 45W / Grand Rapids, MI )


    Meeting in a coffee shop, museum, or gallery would be a great first date. I also like the idea of a walk through the park or by the river. Any place that allows for good conversation.

  • mohawk2 ( 43W / Chattanooga, TN )


    really open to whatever they said 30 characters, but not much to really say. I love me lol