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First Date Ideas

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  • Janetarie ( 38 / W / Naperville, IL )

    Coffee, walk, dinner, museum, concert, opera, jazz club.

  • cheldon ( 36 / M / Saint Vincent & the Grenadines )

    Humble nice to respect talk fuscous

  • MillieMommiee ( 19 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    Umm nothing major...I enjoy watching new movies but I will like to go site seeing and just being out.

  • Ivorytusky50 ( 51 / W / Palmdale, CA )

    Be all you can be. I like you of course, we're still texting and he is honest..so if you can not afford a fancy meal, don't take me there. A picnic with fruits,sandwiches cheese and wine is fine and we'll have more time  more>>

  • SheaLuv ( 21 / W / Dorchester, MA )

    As I said earlier, I am a big fan of the arts. I like all kinds of museums, the fun ones as well as the educational ones. I think a date to a museum would be great because the exhibits create automatic conversation, and  more>>

  • Amicks ( 21 / W / New York, NY )

    Something impressive and thoughful

  • Whit_711 ( 24 / W / Alexandria, VA )

    Let's do something other than dinner and a movie please. Let's go to a museum or do something fun like ice skating or dancing.

  • Paridyse ( 35 / W / Douglasville, GA )

    My ideal first date would be something sweet and creative. It would allow us to get to know each other betterwhile having fun st the same time.

  • Chris8114 ( 34 / M / Auburn, CA )

    Some where in public maybe the park or a sports event.

  • Candacemc ( 24 / W / Evanston, IL )

    Doing an art activity together would be such a great first date.

  • blossomqueen ( 24 / W / South Africa )

    wel it doesnt hav 2 b somewer expensiv bt it hav 2 be romentic

  • beautifuljas ( 26 / W / Joliet, IL )

    I love museums and art galleries. I don't have any specific one in mind but I just love the feeling of appreciating art and history in all of its forms.

  • jewell33 ( 33 / W / Apple Valley, CA )

    Spoken word poetry painting with wine rock Wall climbing concerts dancing amusement parks dancing long walks bowling visiting a botanical garden dancing

  • chocolate1972 ( 43 / M / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    I don't think a first date should be dinner or fancy dining I think a first date should be you and the person equally doing things that we we both enjoy like walking on the beach talking and getting to know each other on  more>>

  • Peaches478 ( 36 / W / Covington, GA )

    I pretty much will enjoy myself wherever I go. I like suprise too!